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The Austrian Private Equity and Venture Capital Organisation is the national association for Austria's private equity industry and corporate finance service providers. AVCO encompasses private equity houses – from venture capital and expansion financing to buy-outs – as well as various other institutions and companies which are interested in developing the private equity and venture capital industry in Austria – from service providers, banks, investors to portfolio companies and professionals.

AVCO's purpose is to communicate private equity and venture capital activities and issues to the appropriate target audience and the general public. Furthermore, the exchange of ideas and cooperation between the members and the private equity and venture capital community is encouraged.

To its members AVCO offers a wide range of services that is currently being widely expanded and developed further within the structural changes of the association "AVCO Reloaded". AVCO is the competent point of contact for interested parties from politics and the general public as well as for information about private equity in Austria (market data, economic and regulatory framework, etc.).

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